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Cariboo Mountains ‘Bear Whisperer’

Gary Zorn has a passion for the big bears – the grizzlies. With Gary you will meet the Cariboo Mountains grizzly bears in their wild natural habitat. Gary has devoted his life studying the social hierarchy, habits, habitat and body language of these creatures while communing with them on their turf.

Grizzlies, one of the largest predatory and most solitary species with their razor sharp claws, big demeanour and tell-tale hump over the shoulder and dished nose are unmistakable and the signature species of the Canadian wilderness. From the wetlands to the alpine travel the trails of these great animals with Gary. He knows most of the bears here intimately from their unique habits, temperament, family units and colourings.

While amongst the grizzlies, Gary thinks like a bear. As he communicates with the bears he speaks in a soft monotone, and filled with his special brand of humour, he conveys calmness but can also convey a stern command – “Hey, bear, how’s the fishin’?”, “Enough bear, back off now”. These bears are wild, free and unhabituated. Gary maintains a constant and vigilant respect for the bears. His most often repeated advice in bear viewing – “Grizzly Bears are wild animals. Remain calm. Never run from a bear.”

High safety standards ensure guests enjoy this unique experience and see some of Canada’s premier wildlife in close proximity, ideal for photography and just experiencing nature in the raw. A truly Canadian wilderness adventure this is not just a grizzly bear viewing trip. It’s a pure intimate experience with nature – one that has the power to enlighten and redefine one’s inner self.

Stay at Pyna-tee-ah Lodge located on the Quesnel River at the outlet of Quesnel Lake in Likely, British Columbia, at the base of the Cariboo Mountains. The lodge has 6 double occupancy bedrooms, a great room complete with stone fireplace, a pool table, and five acres of beautiful riverfront grounds.

Typical day:

Breakfast in the lodge at 6.30 am. At 7.30 depart for the day’s adventure on Mitchell River or Caribou River by boat. Transfer to the jetboat for the trip up wilderness rivers. A packed lunch is provided – includes sandwiches or wraps, soft drink beverages and homemade snacks. Return to the lodge around 5.00pm and dinner will be served at 6.30pm. The evening is free to enjoy the area or relax.

Photo courtesy of Ecotours